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For Applicants

You should register travel on programs that are not sponsored by UM-Dearborn using this Travel Registry
You can search for programs in several ways: Once you have identified the program to which you wish to apply, use the 'Apply Now' button on the Program Overview tab of that program's page to start your application.
Upon your first/initial login, you will be asked to confirm they are setting up a profile in M-Navigator and information about you from the university database will automatically be pulled in. After confirming (selecting yes) you will be presented with the application.

If you are logging in for a subsequent time, in order to access an existing application, after you login, look for the ‘Applications’ section of the page, locate the term for which you applied, then click on the name of the program to access your application or registration. 

Click Edit Profile button to add a photo. The Information tab of the profile is where you can check your emergency contact information.  If your emergency contact information needs to be updated, you will have to do so through UM-Dearborn Connect.

Programs you’ve saved to your profile are also displayed on this page. 

If you are logging in immediately after clicking the 'Apply Now' button on a program page, some programs require you to enter or verify information on your profile, especially non-Dearborn students.
If you are a UM-Dearborn student, you should use your uniqname and UMICH password to log in. If you need help resetting your UMICH password, you can find that on the following site:
  If you are not a UM-Dearborn student, you should log in using the email address used to create your account or application and the password you chose when setting up your account. If your account was created for you and you did not set up a password and security questions within 3 days, your temporary password will expire. Please email for help.
Click on the 'Login' button at the very top right of this page and follow the directions there.  

Once you have logged in, in the ‘Applications’ section of the page, locate the term for which you applied, then click on the name of the program to access your application or registration. 
As long as your application is not yet under review, we can "unreceive" a questionnaire, which will allow you to log back into the system, fix the error, and re-submit it. Please email and identify the name of the questionnaire that needs to be reset.
You may apply to multiple programs in the same term.

You can also rank programs according to your preference. In the Applications section of your Applicant Home Page, If you have more than one application for a particular term, rank them in order of preference by entering 1 in the ranking box for your 1st choice program. Click Update Rank to save. Repeat these steps for additional rankings.
The system settings only allow applicants to commit themselves to a maximum of 2 applications in a given term. However, if you wish to commit to 3 or more applications, an administrator can change your status on your behalf. Please contact the office that sponsors the program or scholarship and ask them to confirm your participation on your behalf.

For Recommenders

Faculty or staff members who receive a M-Nav Recommendation Request should follow the link provided in the recommendation request email. The following steps describe how to submit an online recommendation:
  1. Open the email and click on the link provided. The M-Nav Online Recommendation Submission window will open.
  2. Enter the Recommendation ID and Applicant last name (both provided within the email) when prompted, then click Validate.
  3. Answer the questions, then click Submit to post your recommendation to the applicant's application.
When requesting the recommendation, the student has the option to waive their right to read your recommendation or not.  If a student has not waived their right to read your recommendation, this will be prominently displayed in red text when you enter the recommendation form, so you will be aware.

Note: Each recommendation request has a unique ID. You may wish to copy the Recommendation ID to the clipboard, then paste into M-Nav when prompted.