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Independent Travel

Below is a checklist of activities for students pursuing independent travel or studies which are not University of Michigan Related Travel, or UMRT (see this policy or this description for a definition of UMRT).  
  • Travel Registration: Register your travel with the University of Michigan
  • Travel Abroad Health Insurance: Consider getting U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance, even if health insurance is already provided in the program.
  • Travel Resources: View numerous travel resources and get answers to questions related to COVID-19 and travel.  
  • Approval Forms: If you need approval from a study abroad advisor, email the form to  The U-M will not approve or endorse any undergraduate study abroad programs while a U-M travel restriction is in place. Students pursuing independent study abroad programs (not UMRT) may obtain verification of enrollment from the Registrar’s Office and offer this as documentation to external study abroad program providers, and explain that U-M advisors cannot sign approval forms while a U-M travel restriction is in place. For additional details about U-M travel policy and U-M warnings/restrictions, please see U-M’s Travel Warnings and Restrictions.
  • Credit Transfer: If you want to transfer in credit, you will need to determine with the help of your academic advisor if credit will transfer back to UM-Dearborn and if the credits can be used to meet degree requirements.  Please note: this process can take a long time due to the infrequent scheduling of various curriculum approval committees and can also involve a significant amount of student work in securing the course documentation needed to make proper appraisals.  Please initiate this process at least 12 weeks prior to your deadline for submitting course determinations to the program provider.  Submit an official transcript from the program to the Office of the Registrar once you have received your grades.  
  • Discounted Programs: Some third-party study abroad providers offer discounts to UM-Dearborn students, even for non-University of Michigan Related Travel.  Please note that UM-Dearborn does not vett individual programs offered by third-party providers unless they are managed by U-M Dearborn. Students should review provider and trip reviews to get a better understanding of safety and educational concerns.  Please contact for more information on specific discounts.